Raz Shaw

me, my cancer and I

Cancer Talk – Episode 1

Hi all This is the first in what will hopefully end up as a wee podcast series on all things Cancer. Informative? Possibly. Intriguing? Potentially. Powerful? Perhaps. Witty? Particularly. And a beautiful song too. As some kind of bonus. A song by the brilliant singer/songwriter Hayley Harland. Check her out https://soundcloud.com/hayleyharland – you won’t be…

It’s pledging time…

This is me. Obvs. It’s about my book. Obvs. If you like what you see (and hear), go to my page on the Unbound website and help make my book more than just a nicely designed cover. Thanks Raz xx

Live at Last

So I have finally started the journey towards being a published author. I am particularly wired to be working alongside such a forward-thinking inspirational publishing company as Unbound and all that presides in her. The brilliant thing about Unbound is that you engage with your readership from day one and when you do finally get…

Cancer View – Taking One for the Team

Cancer View is my tryout exploration into video blogging about all things cancer. This is my first go, I am reading it. As you can see. I’m a director. I don’t learn lines. Taking One for the team was – and is  – my instinctive response to facing this thing.