Live at Last

So I have finally started the journey towards being a published author.

I am particularly wired to be working alongside such a forward-thinking inspirational publishing company as Unbound and all that presides in her.

The brilliant thing about Unbound is that you engage with your readership from day one and when you do finally get your tome (for that is what it is. In my mind) out there, your supporters are your ready-made marketeers. Unless of course they despise what they read in which case the bargain bucket of the local charity shop would be too good for it. Never second guess your audience!

And I have a massive re-write ahead of me. Avoidance will be abounding all over the place in the next few months at the same time as I will be moving into a new flat so…possibly look for it in the shops by 2021! No! No! Knuckle down. Get the kettle on, turn off Homes Under The Hammer and get writing.

I will keep you posted as to my progress. Both Unbound-wise and rewrite-wise!

In the meantime, if you feel so inclined take a look at my page on Unbound. And if you feel even more inclined to do a pledge, well, fucking yay.


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